At In&Ha Byggnader Ab, we specialize in the construction of commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, focusing solely on the construction phase. Though we don't offer general contracting, plumbing, or electrical services, our expertise lies in efficiently executing the building aspect of projects. We are committed to delivering top-tier construction solutions, ensuring every structure we build stands as a testament to our skill and dedication.

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New Buildings

We specialize in wide range of Building constructions. From essentials to building from scratch, whether its a residential or commercial construction.

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Renovation & Remodeling

Whether focusing on specific areas or providing more extensive transformations for various types of buildings

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Construction Works

Here at IN&HA we understand importancy of these essential services which have to be delivered with care and quality work.

Additional Services

Construction of Facades/Outdoor Spaces

Terraces and Attefallshus

Roofing Construction / Repair


Floor Laying

Floor Laying

Structural Framing

Structural Framing

Carpentry, Wood-cutting Services


Exterior and Interior Finishing works

Exterior & Interior Finishing